It all started with a passion for braiding and the goodwill of taking care of people at a young age.

Marie France was born in Cameroon, a beautiful country in Central Africa. As long as she can remember, she has always been in love with braiding. This passion and goodwill is the foundation of a dream which is being fulfilled in the USA. Marie France launched her beauty and hair braiding salon about 10 years ago to help people like you look their best and beautiful as possible. Her loyal clients are not just making Marie France’s Hair Braiding Salon their beauty shop for no reason–they have found the talent, ability, and expertise at work in her two hair braiding salons and made it theirs.

As an experienced hair Stylist and business personality, she understands the importance of experience and convenience. In effect, only talented and well-experienced hair Stylists work at her shop, which is conveniently located at 5858 Silver Hill Plaza, District Heights, MD 20747.

Marie’s specializes in various styles of hair braiding as well including Pixie, Micro Braids, Single, Senegalese Twist, Kinky Twist, zat, Roots Twist, Spring Twist, Cornrow, Flat Twist, sis, African Twist, Beninese Twist, Afro Twist, Soul Twist, Fluffy Twist, Afro Coil, Bob & More. She always looks forward to the newest fashion and designs in the industry. She keeps customer satisfaction as her main goal.

Thus, if you are looking for a unique style and a very fast and pleasurable service, call to make or go to our appointment page to make an appointment, or just stop by the shop.